November 19


Far Away From Home – Saturday, November 26th at 7:30pm

We’re excited to invite you to a special evening of art and music, raising awareness and funds for the arts project organised through Youth Work Ireland for asylum seeking children in Glounthaune, Direct Provision.

The art, created by Sheba Gray, attempts to bridge the hermeneutic gap between experience and articulation whist supporting asylum seekers in Greece in 2015. The dignity, beauty and humanity of the people she met couldn’t be reconciled in words with the horrors they’d been through and the horrors they were yet to experience.

The Music by Citadel, a group of asylum seekers from Kinsale Road Accommodation Centre, refuse to be put down by the system. They play songs from their home countries, and use music to spread awareness, peace and love. You will hear a blend of music and rhythms from Algeria, Burundi, Bangladesh, Russia, Ukraine, India and South Africa.

Direct Provision is an inhumane system that effectively separates asylum seekers, who have already experienced unspeakable terrors, from society. They are forced to live in dire, squalid conditions, experiencing poverty for up to a decade, yielding immeasurable consequences on their development and mental health.

Therefore, art projects such as those hosted by Youth Work Ireland are invaluable in enabling a mode of expression and integration and therefore we will be happy to give any funds raised to support this project.

That’s why art, music and hospitality will join hands for this unique event, and we hope you will support this evening, where you’re guaranteed to be both educated and entertained!

Finally, you might even win one of the fabulous prizes included in our raffle by the generosity of local businesses, the list has yet to be announced but they are sure to include tea and cakes for two at MYO and a night in a fabulous Airbnb in Shandon!

Liam Mullaney

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Hi, my name is Liam Mullaney and I believe in all things coffee, Cork and community! I'm on a mission to make Cork City the healthiest city in Ireland.

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